What’s a Wingfish?!


Yes!!! I’ve just been asked to illustrate a cover for a new book by Mother’s Milk Books. It’s going to be science fiction book for children looking at dramatic environmental changes on a distant planet. Oh, and it has some weird fish in it…

Yes! I’ve

INKtober Challenge: – Day 25 – ‘The Hunt’


I’m not sure if foxhunting occurs in countries outside of the UK, but I severely hope not. Foxhunting is a traditional blood sport (for the ‘elite’ in society) that has somehow not yet been eradicated and my hometown is the hub for it. It sees horsemen and their packs of foxhounds scouring the countryside for foxes before chasing them down and butchering them. For fun. Hunting with dogs was banned a few years ago but the current government is driving for it to be brought back despite the majority of the population being against it. It’s unfathomable. If it was the riders being chased across fields by a pack of bloodthirsty hounds then they might reconsider it.

INKtober Challenge: – Day 17 – ‘Value’


For another of my favourite animals, the rhinoceros. It’s devastating to think that these animals are teetering on the brink of extinction and that some subspecies of rhino HAVE actually gone extinct in my lifetime. The idea of ‘value’ seems to be terribly skewed in some peoples’ minds. How can a horn be more valuable than a rhino?

Bookshop window, Season 2: – Autumn

Autumn’s almost upon us in the UK so my task this week was to re-illustrate the Melton Bookshop’s window with an autumnal theme and what better to represent the season than a fabulously majestic stag? Especially when I can turn his antlers into tree branches to carry the leaves! Because that idea’s never been used before… coughcough.  Even the Pokemon franchise has used that one, (Sawsbuck). Never mind, it creates a good effect anyway. The quote for this month was a couple of lines from William Allingham’s ‘Autumnal Sonnet’:

Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt…’

The brief I was given for the window was ‘You can draw anything as long as it isn’t morbid’ so I think that quote fitted quite well. Now I’ll have to start having a good think about the winter window…