Wax Lyrical – pub board design

wax lyrical

My, my, haven’t I got lazy with uploads?! Seriously though, I promise I’m not doing nothing. I’m working on a commission for a book at present so a lot of my energy is going on that, which I can’t put up on here at the moment. I have, however, been asked back to do an in-house board at the Noel’s Arms Freehouse. The event it’s advertising is a ‘Wax Lyrical’ where the landlord and landlady welcome acts to share thoughts, poetry, songs and so on by candlelight (see what they did there?). So my brief is to create a permanent surround for the board so they can write upcoming events underneath. This is the design I have come up with for a starting point, with my usual nigh-on-illegible typography at the top! Now to wait and see what they think!

Typography experiment: – Let’s get Kraken


Another almost-completely-illegible typography experiment! I think i’m going to have to reign in when adding detail, but it’s been a while since I’ve drawn tentacles so I’ve let myself go a little over the top. No deep thinking behind this one, I just heard a work colleague say ‘let’s get cracking’ and heard it as ‘kraken’, which is weird only in the way that our work doesn’t normally conjure up that much enthusiasm in the first place… certainly not enough to warrant a ‘let’s get cracking’. My mishearing words and replacing them with fantastical monsters on the other hand is actually quite commonplace.

Anyway, as I have the next three days at work, I decided today would be ‘Flop-about Friday’. So I grabbed a scrap of green card (the horrible cheap textured stuff that cardboard folders are made out of), my trusty fineliners and a white pen and drew up this monstrosity. So all in all, it’s been a fantastic day.

Typography Experiment: ‘Laichzeit’ – (spawning time) – Rammstein


Err… not sure what to say about this one other than it’s a bit less innocent than my usual imagery. As I usually avoid typography with a barge pole, recently I have actually been trying to experiment more and this idea has been bouncing around my brain for a while. The word ‘Laichzeit’ is German for ‘spawning time’, and is (not) coincidentally one of my favourite songs by German metal band Rammstein! In the song, the ‘Fisch’ (fish) is a metaphor for…er…something else, so I’ve tried to mirror the suggestiveness of the lyrics in the imagery.

This typography experiment was created using fineliners, white gel pen and coloured pencil (on the eggs only). I apologise for the shadowy area at the bottom, my sketchbook is too big to fit in the scanner!

The typography itself was actually inspired by an artwork by the late H.R.Giger, used on the cover of ‘Giger’s Necronomicon‘, 1976. If you haven’t heard of him but want to find out more, be aware that saying his work in ‘suggestive’ is a gross understatement.


‘Paranoia .. … .. -. -… .-.. — — — (is in bloom)’, typography experiment



I’m not cut out for scrap-booking, no pun intended. A few weeks ago I bought all the stuff I needed to start making a scrapbook of nice things and memories… Then this thing decided to manifest itself and take up residence on the first page. So it is now going to be my book of inspirational, illustrated quotes and lyrics instead.

This typographical-illustration experiment was inspired by the lyrics in the song Uprising by Muse, especially by the first line ‘Paranoia is in bloom’, hence the text in the image and the suspicious eyes surrounded by petals. Despite the eyes being able to see the insect-like satellites hovering around, they remain unaware of the transmitter disguised in their midst. Yep, that’s my attempt at symbolism!

And yes, the dots and dashes under ‘paranoia’ is indeed morse code, a ‘language’ that is on my list of things to learn. I’m sure it’d come in useful at some point, maybe only when I’m watching University Challenge on the BBC but never mind.

This illustration was created using fineliners and white pen on brown (scrapbook) paper. Really, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t even like scrap-booking.


Big Bang Biology


I’ve been finding a lot of inspirational and amusing quotes recently but haven’t known what to do with them. They make me want to draw stuff but I don’t know what, so I’ve settled for illustrating the quotes themselves to give me a bit of practice at mixing imagery and typography together.

I’ve chosen an easy one to start with, a quote from The Big Bang Theory (Season 5, ep.15). It’s (my favourite character) Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s disdainful view of the science of Biology ‘That’s all about yucky, squishy things’. Now, I’m a fan of yucky, squishy things (within reason… that could sound very wrong) so I just had to draw this quote.

Above is the pencil sketch I have done so far, just needs a bit more tweaking and it can be attacked with a fine liner.