Deathly Thrones


Tattoo design for a friend who wanted elements of both Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to be included. Here we have weirwood leaves and Arya’s sword Needle from Game of Thrones and a doe and lilies for Harry’s mother. A Deathly Hallows symbol is etched into the deer’s forehead. I made the deer an albino as I thought this would be a nice tie in with the white raven in GoT that heralds the coming of Winter šŸ™‚

‘Tiger Empress’


Another tattoo-inspired design created alongside the earlier ‘Leopard empress’. Am really happy with how the chrysanthemums turned out but maybe went a bit overkill with the highlights. Never mind, every piece is development šŸ™‚

Harry Potter-inspired tattoo


Tattoo design for my friend and work colleague who is Harry Potter mad :). Original request was ‘a snowy owl with the deathly hallows symbol’, but this soon flourished to incorporate lilies and a Felix Felicis bottle. My friend loved the design and is taking it to see her tattooist very soon, I’m really looking forward to seeing the result!

Leopard Empress


I’ve been commissioned to do a lot of black and white illustrations recently. When this occurs,Ā I often find myself creating a vibrant, colourful illustration on the side. It’s almost like a vent, letting some of my creativity escape the confines of the commission. Weirdly, I don’t find these pictures a distraction, rather they keep me on track. Ok, they take a little time efficiency away from theĀ project I’ve been set, but if I didn’t have this outlet, I’d get frustrated with having to work continuously on one piece, or one set of images.

This particular image was created while working on a set of black and white illustrations for ‘The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3’ published by Mother’s Milk Books. The leopard empress isĀ inspired by neotraditional tattoo artistry and was an excellent image for practicing shading and colour blending, particularly in the leopard’s muzzle. I also added a little shading behind the leaves and leopard to help the design pop off the page šŸ™‚

Inktober 2016 – Day 1 – ‘Life on Mars?’


For 2016’s Inktober, I’ve decided to focus on illustrating designs inspired by the various forms, shapes and patterns in Sacred Geometry – this is anything form the Fibonacci spiral to The Metatron Cube to dodeca-whatsits. Day 1’s illustration shows a small section of the geometry ‘The Seed of Life’, itself a small section of ‘The Flower of Life’. A very black and white Mars (only monochrome because my red pen is currently A.W.O.L) makes up the centre circle.