‘The Narclops’


The internet can be an extremely useful tool. It can increase awareness of injustice, raise support for charitable endeavors and teach us anything that we wish to know. But while the internet is our Eden of information, our electronic Tree of Knowledge, social media can often take the form of the coiled serpent at its roots. Sophie Sellars short story ‘The Narclops’, examines how social media can inspire our most negative passions, making us both envious and vain, and how our narcissism could mask distract from the progression of our downfall. We struggle to identify with the rituals and routines of older, more primitive civilizations but will our way of life be any more understandable to generations of the future?

‘The Narclops’ s the sixth short story to feature in ‘The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3’, published by Mother’s Milk Books. Visit their website for your own copy 🙂