Game of Thrones: House Baa


I’m sure other avid watchers of ‘Game of Thrones’ or avid readers of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ have considered the question I’ve been pondering recently… which noble house would I belong to? And in all honesty I can reply, none of them. I wouldn’t last five minutes and in all fairness I quite like having my head positioned above my shoulders. So I figured that I’d be from a nice, boring place,¬†with lots of sheep. The place would be known for it’s woollen wears¬†but it’s chances of having a claim to the throne would be regarded as frankly laughable. Oh, and of course it would be run by the questionably-Noble House of Baa, with it’s own sheep sigil and everything…

Sheep sigil created using fineliners and yes, it is just a completely non-fearsome version of House Stark’s direwolf!

Sheep in British Industry



The Campaign for British wool inspired this project. Had to create a niche guide on a subject and since I was just learning to knit I decided to do the project on how sheep built up Britain’s industry. Sounds weird but looking back through British history at the wool trade and whatnot, it turns out Britain’s whole infrastructure was and, to a degree still is, built on the woolly workforce.

Above, a sheep illustration introducing the knitwear section to the guide, see the other illustrations here.