INKtober Challenge: – Day 24 – ‘Pesky Weather’


This is Amaterasu, a wolf God in the PS2 game ‘Okami’ and if you haven’t played it then you really REALLY need to. The environments have all been created to resemble the style of old Japanese ink paintings and the depth of colours and canvas-like textures make it a visually fantastic game to explore. And you get to play as a wolf God… who can control the elements… why wouldn’t you play it?

Sorry for lack of posts… Amaterasu’s distracting me…..


Sorry, took a trip into obscurity there. University work came to an abrupt end and I’ve been shunning anything drawing-related ever since. I’ve been taking a break and replaying a few games including Okami, one of my favourites and who better to kick-start my creativity back into action than Amaterasu herself? She is handy with a brush after all…

This little doodle was drawn using a biro and coloured afterwards. Might make a decent tattoo design as well!