INKtober Challenge – Day 3 – ‘To Marv’

sin city

Frank Miller’s Sin City must be one of my favourite book series, graphic novel or otherwise, not matter how many time I read it, I never get fed up of it. And as today’s theme for INKtober (on Facebook) is ‘city’, I thought I’d dedicate a picture to Marv, my favourite character from the series. He’s a bit forgetful bless him…

Godzilla: Attack on Sodor


First proper cross-over I’ve done in a VERY long time. I bring you ‘Godzilla – Attack on Sodor’, created as a Birthday present for a friend who loves both Godzilla and Thomas the Tank Engine. Odd mix yes, but the resulting picture was stupidly fun to draw and the best thing is he loved it.

Created using fineliners 0.8, 0.3 and 0.1.

The line ‘Oh, the indignity’ comes from the new CGI version of Thomas and Friends and is a weird sort of catchphrase that the creators have given to Gordon.

Thanks for looking!