Expectations of pregnancy and motherhood usually carry a rosy sheen in society. Upon receiving the news, one conjures up images of doting grandparents, a pastel nursery, newly-knitted bootees. The reality, however, is far more worrying, messy and uncertain. Inevitable questions arise – Am I ready to support another life? Will I make a good mother? Will I love my baby?… Will my baby love me? All concerning questions, the answers made all the more uncertain when a fairytale is thrown into the mix…

‘Spawned’ by Clair Wright, is the twelfth short story in ‘The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3’, published by Mother’s Milk Books. Visit their website for a browse of their literary repertoire.


Inktober – Day 3 – Flower of Life


Design based around the endless ‘Flower of Life’ formation in Sacred Geometry. I would’ve liked to have shaded the middle section with dotwork but sadly won’t have time today. I’ll have to come back to it after Inktober is done 🙂