Lindemann’s Hard Copy

lindemann fish on

Finally got my hard copy (euphemism intended) of Lindemann’s ‘Skills in Pills’ album. My illustrated interpretation of ‘Fish On’ was stupidly fun to draw and I’m now mulling over ideas for ‘Cowboy’. As much as I’d like to have a bash at an illustration per song (as someone has actually suggested to me), some lyrics should not be touched with a bargepole (euphemism definitely not intended)!

Fish On:

fish on lindemann

‘Fish On’ – Lindemann: Typography illustration

fish on lindemann

Finally got round to listening to Lindemann’s album ‘Skills in Pills‘ and couldn’t miss the opportunity of illustrating ‘Fish On’. Not heard so many fish-euphemisms in one place since ‘Laichzeit’ by Rammstein. Till Lindemann certainly does like his fish poetry and it is always so unbelievably amusing to illustrate.

And the result is my usual illegible typography swirling from a (rather phallic-looking) eel’s mouth, crawling from the zip of some bloke’s jeans (I can only dream they’re Till’s!). My mind is truly climbing the H.R.Giger counter since leaving university. I’ll never be anywhere near Giger’s genius but he is always an inspiration.

Note: for anyone who’s not a fisherman and unsure of what the item is in the top right corner, it’s a discourger, used for removing hooks from a fish’s throat. Along with the hook, one to catch and one to let go it seemed appropriate for the song!