Deathly Thrones


Tattoo design for a friend who wanted elements of both Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to be included. Here we have weirwood leaves and Arya’s sword Needle from Game of Thrones and a doe and lilies for Harry’s mother. A Deathly Hallows symbol is etched into the deer’s forehead. I made the deer an albino as I thought this would be a nice tie in with the white raven in GoT that heralds the coming of Winter 🙂

Harry Potter-inspired tattoo


Tattoo design for my friend and work colleague who is Harry Potter mad :). Original request was ‘a snowy owl with the deathly hallows symbol’, but this soon flourished to incorporate lilies and a Felix Felicis bottle. My friend loved the design and is taking it to see her tattooist very soon, I’m really looking forward to seeing the result!