BOOM! I’ve cracked the colour pencils out for once, good old Crayola.

Farewell to the bulletproof idea…

v for vendetta

‘Did you think to kill me? There’s no flesh and blood within this cloak to kill. There is only an IDEA. Ideas are BULLETPROOF. Farewell.’ – V, ‘V for Vendetta’ by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

Being a huge fan of ‘1984’ by George Orwell, ‘V for Vendetta’ has been a graphic novel on my reading list for a long time. And now I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner. Written in the 1980s , V for Vendetta portrays a 1990s Britain where fascism rules and a corrupt government controls the population through the media and Big Brother-style observation. Enter V, a character more ‘ideal’ than ‘man’, whose aim is to destroy society in the name of freedom and fate.

As with 1984, V for Vendetta highlights the complacency that society so easily slips into. Wrongs are forgotten, corruption expected and ignored all for the pursuit of the easier path. Unlike 1984 however, V for Vendetta has a glimmer of hope in the final pages of a future that can be built brighter and better with the participation of all. 1984 just takes that hope and crushes it, laughing mercilessly at the reader in the process.

And I’m afraid I have to side with the reformed Winston Smith on this one, V. We may have had a voice once, but I believe Fate has constricted our thoughts and throats too much. They were clever, V, and we’ve become complacent, content to be distracted by the fads and whimsy of the ‘in-crowd’, the celebrities that dance for our curiosity while the shackles slowly tighten. And those of us that can feel it can only observe. Yes, a ripple grows in size but it takes far less than a tsunami to mask it.

We love you, V.


Depressing thoughts over, this piece was done in fineliners in tribute to the fantastic book V for Vendetta.

INKtober Challenge – Day 3 – ‘To Marv’

sin city

Frank Miller’s Sin City must be one of my favourite book series, graphic novel or otherwise, not matter how many time I read it, I never get fed up of it. And as today’s theme for INKtober (on Facebook) is ‘city’, I thought I’d dedicate a picture to Marv, my favourite character from the series. He’s a bit forgetful bless him…

The Scientist – lighting experiment


This character was designed for a university project I based around genetic engineering. I originally wanted to try my hand at a short graphic novel for the project but that fell through in favour of an educational book based on the same subject. I am determined to try out the graphic novel idea at some point though. I never gave the scientist a name but his character and back story were actually pretty defined. I won’t go into too many details but the storyline looked at the conflicts of science and religion and the break down of morals in a not-too-distant future. Pretty heavy stuff, mostly the reason I didn’t have time to do it for my uni project!

The outline for this image was drawn straight onto paper with a fineliner (which is why some bits may be out of proportion!) and then coloured in Photoshop. And for once, I have shown my working:

The Gamer – Colour experiment


I really don’t use colour enough and I wish I had the patience to play around with it a bit more. So this exercise is sort of me dipping my toe in the water. Colouring with the polygonal lasso tool really is tedious but I think it gives a rough grungy effect that matches the pre-drawn illustration pretty well. Plus I don’t have a tablet so I haven’t got many options for being creative in Photoshop! This exercise was mainly intended as an experiment using harsh light. I’ve gotten into Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ recently and the contrast and lighting techniques created by his use of black and white is amazing, so I thought i’d have a practice.