INKtober Challenge: – Day 24 – ‘Pesky Weather’


This is Amaterasu, a wolf God in the PS2 game ‘Okami’ and if you haven’t played it then you really REALLY need to. The environments have all been created to resemble the style of old Japanese ink paintings and the depth of colours and canvas-like textures make it a visually fantastic game to explore. And you get to play as a wolf God… who can control the elements… why wouldn’t you play it?

INKtober Challenge: – Day 10 – ‘Spotted’


But who’s spotted who? Question: In Monster Hunter, the world is inhabited by vicious beats that’d tear you limb from limb as soon as look at you. Why then do they never bother attacking the surveillance balloons? Pretty easy pickings for a territorial Tigrex don’t you think?

Sorry about the lackluster penwork on this one, I had vertigo and couldn’t focus properly so the sky’s a bit patchy!

The Gamer – Colour experiment


I really don’t use colour enough and I wish I had the patience to play around with it a bit more. So this exercise is sort of me dipping my toe in the water. Colouring with the polygonal lasso tool really is tedious but I think it gives a rough grungy effect that matches the pre-drawn illustration pretty well. Plus I don’t have a tablet so I haven’t got many options for being creative in Photoshop! This exercise was mainly intended as an experiment using harsh light. I’ve gotten into Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ recently and the contrast and lighting techniques created by his use of black and white is amazing, so I thought i’d have a practice.