Deathly Thrones


Tattoo design for a friend who wanted elements of both Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to be included. Here we have weirwood leaves and Arya’s sword Needle from Game of Thrones and a doe and lilies for Harry’s mother. A Deathly Hallows symbol is etched into the deer’s forehead. I made the deer an albino as I thought this would be a nice tie in with the white raven in GoT that heralds the coming of Winter 🙂

‘The Bastard of Bolton’


Bastard in more ways than one, but still I find Ramsay Snow-that-would-be-and-is-now-Bolton very difficult to hate. His obsession of trying to win his father’s approval and even affection is quite depressing to watch, especially knowing Roose is clearly manipulating his son to achieve his own goals. That doesn’t quite forgive the whole torture and flaying thing though… Still as they say, monsters aren’t born, they’re made…

…unless it’s Joffrey. Evil little beggar.

Game of Thrones: House Baa


I’m sure other avid watchers of ‘Game of Thrones’ or avid readers of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ have considered the question I’ve been pondering recently… which noble house would I belong to? And in all honesty I can reply, none of them. I wouldn’t last five minutes and in all fairness I quite like having my head positioned above my shoulders. So I figured that I’d be from a nice, boring place, with lots of sheep. The place would be known for it’s woollen wears but it’s chances of having a claim to the throne would be regarded as frankly laughable. Oh, and of course it would be run by the questionably-Noble House of Baa, with it’s own sheep sigil and everything…

Sheep sigil created using fineliners and yes, it is just a completely non-fearsome version of House Stark’s direwolf!