“Eyes to the stage, pilgrim. She’s just warming up”

nancy sin city

More portrait practice of the Sin City girls – Nancy Callahan. 7″ x 5″, fineliners.


“Always and never” – Gail, Sin City

gail sin city

Dwight’s Warrior Woman – Gail. My favourite female character in Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ series! 4″x 6″, inked using 0.3, 0.2, 0.1 and 0.05mm fineliners. Red added in Photoshop.

INKtober Challenge – Day 3 – ‘To Marv’

sin city

Frank Miller’s Sin City must be one of my favourite book series, graphic novel or otherwise, not matter how many time I read it, I never get fed up of it. And as today’s theme for INKtober (on Facebook) is ‘city’, I thought I’d dedicate a picture to Marv, my favourite character from the series. He’s a bit forgetful bless him…