What’s a Wingfish?!


Yes!!! I’ve just been asked to illustrate a cover for a new book by Mother’s Milk Books. It’s going to be science fiction book for children looking at dramatic environmental changes on a distant planet. Oh, and it has some weird fish in it…

Yes! I’ve

Plenty more fish in the sea

Plenty more fish in the sea

Part of a project to illustrate old sayings, for example ‘It takes a thief to catch a thief’, ‘Home is where the heart is’, ‘Time flies’ and so on. Challenge was that we couldn’t include any cliche’ s and our illustrations couldn’t be ‘too obvious’. It was a disastrous project for meĀ in terms of marks but it gave me an excuse to draw the sea and some fish so I’m not complaining! This is ‘Plenty more fish in the sea’ and was illustrated in biro pen. I’m hoping to do a pyrography version once my studies are finished.