What’s a Wingfish?!


Yes!!! I’ve just been asked to illustrate a cover for a new book by Mother’s Milk Books. It’s going to be science fiction book for children looking at dramatic environmental changes on a distant planet. Oh, and it has some weird fish in it…

Yes! I’ve

INKtober Challenge: – Day 10 – ‘Spotted’


But who’s spotted who? Question: In Monster Hunter, the world is inhabited by vicious beats that’d tear you limb from limb as soon as look at you. Why then do they never bother attacking the surveillance balloons? Pretty easy pickings for a territorial Tigrex don’t you think?

Sorry about the lackluster penwork on this one, I had vertigo and couldn’t focus properly so the sky’s a bit patchy!

INKtober31. – Day 11 – Mr. Shrike, ‘Mortal Engines’


Sorry this one’s a bit late, couldn’t get on the computer yesterday. Mr. Shrike’s making another appearance, it’s been a while! Mr. Shrike is a character from the children’s book ‘Mortal Engines’ by Philip Reeve. He’s a Stalker, which means he has Terminator-like tendencies to lock on to certain individuals and not stop until he’s ripped them apart. Lovely. I first started drawing his character three years ago for a character development project at university and he hasn’t changed much since…

Below image: created in 2011 for a character design project. Biro, white pen and coloured pencil.

Mr. Shrike

As the series continues, the reader does actually start to bond with his character to the point where he became my favourite all-time fictional character and I also cried quite a few times at his various unfortunate events. I obviously have a soft spot for fictional killer-beasties… I cried at the end of ‘Predator’ too….

INKtober31. – Day 8 – Snake Eyes



Some of my friends and I are having a games day tomorrow, not gambling, most likely just a really angry and spiteful game of Monopoly. So that coupled with my atrociously bad luck at dice rolls inspired this one. The snake is an adder, which is the only venomous snake in the UK. Their venom isn’t usually powerful enough to kill a human but an adder gave a pinch more danger to the drawing than either of our other two snake species, both of which are completely harmless.

INKtober31. – Day 7 – The Minotaur


I wanted to stretch to experimenting with scenery today but unfortunately it only got as far as brickwork. The Minotaur has been my favourite mythological creature for a few years now, partly down to cows being one of my favourite animals! But also, who can learn about the legend of the Minotaur and not feel at least a bit of sympathy for him? I know he was meant to be a man-eating dangerous beast but considering his start in life and his continuous neglect (ie. being locked in an underground labyrinth for years on end only to be slain by Theseus), who can blame him if he’s a bit cranky? Poor little guy, he can come and live with me.

Furthermore, by drawing the Minotaur, I am able to practice depicting the human form without the worry of having to create an equally-convincing face, something which I struggle with!


Female figures sketch


Following yesterday’s post showing a page of male figures, I thought I’d best practice drawing female characters too. I usually avoid drawing women if at all possible as I find them really difficult to draw, so all the more reason to practice really! One thing I really try to avoid when I do draw female characters is stereotypes. It irritates me in children’s books and some graphic novels where the female characters are depicted bearing emphasised eyelashes and lips and wearing make-up and hair accessories as symbols of their femininity. There are so many women out there with so many different appearances, none of which conform to society’s bizarre conceptions of ‘ideal’. The same goes for men, who I imagine feel equally as pressured to live up to society’s expectations. So for that reason, my sketches will strive to be a stereotype-free zone!

Male character sketches


I’ve had extra shifts at work this week so i haven’t had time to sit down and work on anything. So I’ve just been working on some character drawing instead. I’ve recently started collecting the manga/graphic novel series ‘Battle Angel Alita’ by Yukito Kishiro and his amazingly thought-out characters made me want to get drawing people again. I’m not great at true representations of people,  so for the time being I’m sticking to stylized beings instead. I have a tendency to draw people who all look the same so I’m trying to branch out a bit and create clear identities for characters. I’ll probably never use them for anything but it’s fun imagining their lives, their pasts and their little worlds that they live in.

Above sketches created using Biro (ballpoint) on plain paper

Captured with 30 seconds to spare!


Another quick doodle of a beast from the Moster Hunter series.  Before it was the Khezu, this time of the Black Diablos who was an absolute pig to defeat, even worse than the Lao Shan Lung! Caught him in the end though, with no more than 30 seconds to spare! He didn’t look quite himself by the end of the encounter though.

The doodle was created using black biro on plain computer paper.