The Defences Get Higher


‘He proceeded to build a fence another three feet above the gate to ensure I couldn’t see out and wouldn’t consider it an escape route in the future. I didn’t want to escape but I had to have routes planned in case the jet monster came back and I couldn’t control my fear. I watched with interest as Richard sawed and hammered in nails to make the defence strong.’

After numerous escape attempts by frightened Dylan, Karen and Richard decide to take action, raising the height of the garden fences to keep the scared pup at home. Will this effort stop him, I think not…

This is my eighth illustration for Karen Sanderson’s ‘Where’s Dylan? The Story of an Anxious Dog’.

I’ve never caught a deer… YET!


‘Sometimes Richard takes us through the thickest parts of the wood where we can see the deer. He doesn’t like us chasing them so I pretend to play Hide and Seek and run off to try to catch one. I never have… YET!

Dylan and Megan’s exploration continues as they discover a new favourite location – the woodlands near their home. For more information on children’s book ‘Where’s Dylan? The Story of an Anxious Dog’ by Karen Sanderson, please visit Dylan’s very own Facebook page.

Such a scaredy pup…


‘…suddenly, a hug, wheeled container rumbled towards us along the road. I was certain we’d meet an early death so I struggled to free myself from the lead, turning frantically in circles, and getting tangled up with Megan… “You’re such a scaredy pup,” snarled Megan, “you’ve spoiled the walk.”

My third illustration in Karen Sanderson’s ‘Where’s Dylan? The Story of an Anxious Dog.’ Dylan and Megan are venturing out into the wider world finding many more places to explore but also many new things for Dylan to be anxious about!

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“Can’t find me!”


‘There were lots of things to explore: like a ball, lots of rubbery toys to chew on and a big box. The box was open at one end and Megan crawled inside saying, “Can’t find me.” I jumped up on top of the box and looked down. Her legs were sticking out which made me laugh. Then it was my turn to crawl inside. We were having such fun. Thinking back, I’ve always needed hideaway places in my life, especially when I’m anxious…’

Dylan and Megan’s exploration of their new home continues inΒ ‘Where’s Dylan? The Story of an Anxious Dog’ by Karen Sanderson. Information on both the book and the star-of-the-show Dylan can be found on his Facebook Page πŸ™‚

BED BUGS! Crikey.


‘”What’s all this barking about?” Karen asked. “You’re quite safe but you need to understand that dogs sleep here and humans sleep upstairs. Now go back to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.” She picked us both up and planted a kiss on the top of our heads, then put us back to bed saying, “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”.
BED BUGS! Crikey. “Will they bite us Megan?”
“Oh dear, you’re scared of your own shadow Dylan. It’s just something humans say. They think it’s funny…”‘

This is my first illustration in ‘Where’s Dylan? The Story of an Anxious Dog’ by Karen Sanderson. The pups have been welcomed to their new home and face their first night in unfamiliar surroundings. Needless to say Dylan’s a little anxious! For news of the book, additional information and adorable photos of our heroes, please visit Dylan’s webpage πŸ™‚