Pet portrait commission


Not done one of these in a while, it ended too soon as well – I was enjoying it. Thanks to Derwent for making such incredible pastel pencils!


INKtober Challenge: Day 4 – ‘Ladylike Angel’


This one’s for my cat Lily who sadly got hit by a car on Thursday. I’m really upset but have found┬áthat INKtober is getting me through it, I find drawing works as a kind of counselling for me. So here she is in all of her unlady-like splendor. R.I.P. Lily, you had the looks of the gentry but were certainly lacking in etiquette!


INKtober 2015!!! Day One: -Scorpio


It’s day 1 of the INKtober Challenge 2015! Hopefully I’ll make it further than I did last year (ran out of steam at day 15). So day 1’s piece is mainly a title page, if you will, for the challenge but is also based on the Zodiac theme set up by the Facebook group ‘INKed’. Scorpio is my star sign, enough explanation there, and don’t ask what the Bauhaus-style layout is about because I don’t rightly know!