Ingenious Genetics

This is one of my major projects for my third year studies at university. The aim is to create resource material for GCSE level students (so 15-16 years old) on the subject of genetics and genetic engineering.

Currently, the government in Britain is doing an overhaul of the education system because our grades are falling short of those achieved in other countries. College-level work is now planned to be taught at GCSE and GCSE-level work is planned to be taught to 11-14 year-olds and so on, or that’s what I gather from the new curriculum that has been proposed.

Now there is the added stress of finding a good job when leaving education so the choices made at the age of 14 are pivotal to where your life is going to lead. The aim of my project was to focus on children who want to go into a scientific career but are unsure of what field they wish to go into. For my project I proposed a series of educational books, to be available to students or schools to buy, that contain more advanced information on the different fields of science. I created the book ‘Ingenious Genetics’ as the example and proposed two others, ‘Miraculous Microbiology’ and ‘Astonishing Astrophysics’. These books would hopefully give students an insight into the different fields of science and then they can make more informed decisions on which subjects to choose to pursue.

My greatest regret in life was giving up Biology at A-level as it clashed with Graphic Design. Although I am happy on my current course of searching for an illustration career, I have a deep appreciation for Biology and the natural world and am sad that I was unable to learn about both at a higher level. I suppose in a way, this project was for myself and I enjoyed learning about genetics at a more complicated level. Proposing ‘Miraculous Microbiology’ has made me want to learn more about microscopic life too so I may well be investing in a microscope/stereoscope sometime in the near future!

These are some illustrations from Ingenious Genetics. The final book size was 8 x 10″ so some of these show double page spreads. The text was worked around the illustrations.


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