Sheep in British Industry

A year two assignment where I had to produce a niche guide to something British. I was learning to knit at the time so had sheep on the brain. Yes, I know, every country has sheep so there’s nothing particularly British about them. However, upon researching the subject, I found that Britain’s early wealth was largely built on the wool trade. Further research revealed how sheep actually play a massive part in many industries, lanolin from their wool is used on an industrial scale as mechanical lubricants and in cosmetics, mutton was the cheapest and thus most popular meat during WW1 and new technologies in cloning were announced to the world with the arrival of Dolly the Sheep who was created… in Britain. So it turns out sheep could be regarded as very British after all.

My outcome for this project consisted of a series of postcards with an illustration of a sheep on one side with the title of the section with further information on the reverse side.

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