How the Sea Slug got his Suit

These images were created for a book-making project. The original brief for a hand-made book dictated that the book had to have some connection to the theme of ‘point’, e.g. point-in-time, pointer, point-of-view. I chose to base mine on decimal points. We then had to create a book to send to print, still linked to the theme. I decided to write a small children’s story entitled ‘How the Sea Slug got his Suit’ which was similar in style to Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So stories’ which I loved as a child and still do.

My story follows a slug who is bored with his old suit of grey in a world full of colour. Suddenly he gets the opportunity to have a suit of beautiful colours but must give up the land and live in the sea as the first sea slug. Throughout the book I make loose references to the Golden Ratio (1.618…) and to hyperbolics – in the waves of the sea slug’s suit. The book is rounded off with a 4-page section for adults, explaining the mathematical principles behind some of the illustrations.

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