Fish Project: Shark Finning

An assignment that instructed me to draw fish, fish and lots more fish! Actually it was fish or birds but I think fish are amazing animals so the decision was made very quickly! When I was younger I used to go fishing a lot with my Dad and Grandad but I haven’t had the opportunity to go recently with work and studying.

The module had to be concluded with the production of a piece of informative work about fish (or birds) and I decided to create a booklet stating some facts about shark finning. The previous summer, a great white was spotted off the coast of Britain and the whole of the South went nuts about it. Shark fin soup suddenly appeared on the menus of seaside restaurants and cafes and sales in the supermarkets boomed. I couldn’t be more angry. Sharks are magnificent creatures and there really is nothing worse than seeing them reduced to a bowl of soup as a tourist attraction. So that was where my inspiration for this project came from.

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