Character Design: Mr. Shrike

These illustrations are from a Year One project at University. The brief was to create character designs for a literary character. I had recently discovered Philip Reeve’s ‘Mortal Engines’ series which are absolutely brilliant books, now my favourite series alongside Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials.

For the project, I chose to focus on the character of Mr.Shrike, a human resurrected as a Stalker (a robotic killing machine) with no memory of his previous life. The books give no clear detail of exactly what Mr. Shrike looks like. Most descriptions mention that he is largely metallic, has green glowing eyes, is bulky and strong yet incredibly swift and has his human face preserved as a mask covering his robotic one. The rest was pretty much left to my imagination. I was eager to learn more about the human skeleton at the time so this interest ended up incorporating itself into the design, something that I didn’t intend to happen but I am more than happy with the horrifying result!

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