Ok, it’s not strictly illustration… but look at the rhino!


Yes I know, I’m an illustrator and I should be drawing stuff but I’m still in a post-uni-get-drawing-away-from-me slump. So, until inspiration comes back, I’m concentrating on working more hours in the shop where I currently find myself employed (or enslaved, take your pick. Honestly, it’s 40C and we have no air-con! It’s that muggy that the air is practically drinkable). And to keep the creative juices flowing, in my spare time I am improving my crochet skills and this neon rhino is my latest finished project.

The pattern is by designer Heidi Bears and is called Thandi the African Flower Rhino. Rhinos are one of my most favourite animals along with cows, sharks and nudibranchs (weird selection, I know) but are unfortunately fast becoming extinct. The Western Black rhino was announced to have been ‘wiped out’ in 2013 and the Northern White Rhino is on the very brink. So I was glad that a small amount of the proceeds from buying this pattern went towards the Kariega Foundation, dedicated to preserving rhinos.

Needless to say I am very happy with my rhino, who has been named Basil, I don’t know why, he just looks like a Basil. He looks lonely though so I think I might have to make him a friend, who will probably end up being called Sybil…

Basil and Lily

My cat Lily, using herself most generously to show the scale of the rhino.

I am now a Ba(a)


Yes I have now graduated from University with a first class honours degree in Graphic Design and Illustration! I am now officially a fully-fledged Bachelor of Arts and can have ‘Ba’ after my name. Unfortunately someone told me that you have to pay for the privilege of putting letters after your name, (why???). So I had a think and considered that my second biggest interest in life (after everything and anything to do with illustrating) is wool. Crochet and knitting keeps me amused in my spare time so to honour the Woolly Workforce of sheep who fuel my hobby, I have decided to become a ‘baa’ or Ba(a). Thus is the way my mind works, not sure the money-collectors would go for that reasoning but I’ll give it a shot.

Getting to grips with technology

Just setting up with some of my work, getting there slowly…

This is my first ever blog account so bear with me, I’m a bit new to it all, but I should get the hang of it in no time!

I’ve managed to upload some of my work and there will definitely be more on the way very soon…