The Jet Monster


‘There was a sudden, horrific, rumbling noise above us and I was fearful for my life. It rattled the windows of the kennel and hurt my ears dreadfully. I looked up to see a winged monster in the sky. It was far bigger than any bird I had ever seen and had large, spreading wings. It left a trail of grey smoke as it flew by. Was it my imagination? It appeared to have sharp teeth and menacing eyes glaring down at me.’

Dylan’s first terrifying encounter with what he later labels as the ‘Jet Monster’. While boarding at a nearby kennels while his humans are away, Dylan hears the terrible roar of a huge metal beast screaming overhead. In a panic, Dylan tries desperately to escape, injuring himself in the process. The Jet Monster has struck once, will it return?

A great book for children, Karen Sanderson’s ‘Where’s Dylan? The Story of an Anxious Dog’ captures our pets’ worries and fears and allows children to relate to their animal’s behaviors. Visit Dylan’s Facebook page for more information :).

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