BED BUGS! Crikey.


‘”What’s all this barking about?” Karen asked. “You’re quite safe but you need to understand that dogs sleep here and humans sleep upstairs. Now go back to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.” She picked us both up and planted a kiss on the top of our heads, then put us back to bed saying, “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”.
BED BUGS! Crikey. “Will they bite us Megan?”
“Oh dear, you’re scared of your own shadow Dylan. It’s just something humans say. They think it’s funny…”‘

This is my first illustration in ‘Where’s Dylan? The Story of an Anxious Dog’ by Karen Sanderson. The pups have been welcomed to their new home and face their first night in unfamiliar surroundings. Needless to say Dylan’s a little anxious! For news of the book, additional information and adorable photos of our heroes, please visit Dylan’s webpage 🙂


‘Where’s Dylan?’


Recently finished work on this excitable pup of a project. ‘Where’s Dylan?’ The story of an anxious dog’ by Karen Sanderson is a wonderful read that follows Dylan on a fear-facing adventure that children will love and relate to, giving insight into their pet’s behaviours and offering guidance on some of life’s obstacles.
From blurb:
“Dylan has been an anxious dog from the moment he was born. He worries about everything including: finding a kind owner, bath time, the vet and staying in boarding kennels. But nothing is as terrifying as the Jet Monster.He believes that the Jet Monster is trying to kill him and he must run away from home to avoid possible injury. In his panic to escape, he destroys his home and garden, causing distress to his humans and sister, Megan. He finally decides, for everyone’s sake, to leave for good and take up a wandering life away from the source of his terror. Will this be the answer to his problem? – OR – Can he find a way to face up to his fear once and for all?”

This book is available to buy! Please contact the author on Dylan’s webpage for a copy and to see some adorable pictures of Dylan himself and of his (very bossy!) sister Megan.