The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3


‘The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3’ collective view of illustrations. I was asked last year by Dr. Bellamy of Mother’s Milk Books whether I would like to create a series of illustrations for modern fairytales. Having been more engrossed with lengthy novels of science fiction and dark dystopian futures, I wasn’t sure that I could fully appreciate, let alone illustrate these short stories while still capturing their essence and morals all within a few inches of white paper. However, these individual tales captivated me from the moment I started reading and the imagery flowed through my mind like living beings. The final illustrations are barely any different to the first rough jottings I scribbled down – the stories knew who they were, what they wanted to be, and how they wanted to be portrayed. They really do have a life of their own. So when the chance came again this year to illustrate the third anthology of the series, I couldn’t wait to get started, and here’s the result :).

The characters in these tales can’t wait to meet you and I’m sure there are any more that want to share their stories. Visit the Mother’s Milk Books facebook page for news of upcoming events, new publications and updates on the independent press’ activities.

And of course, visit their website to delve into their literary works.

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