Bearskin and Bare-Skin


Have you ever wished you were something other than human? Wished to experience the soaring bliss of the eagle? The soft midnight hunt of the wolf? The gentle, ferocious power of the bear?

When infant Ursula gains unlikely foster-sister Bernarda, a brown bear-cub, the pair form a relationship closer and deeper than any human siblings could. A relationship that the villagers are unwilling to accept. As prejudice boils over into violence, the sisters’ world is torn apart, and they are separated in the chaos. Thus begins Ursula’s journey, to find her lost sister and discover her true self.

‘Bearskin and Bare-skin’ by Carys Crossen is the thirteenth short story in ‘The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3’, published by Nottingham-based independent press Mother’s Milk Books. Visit their website for more information, a copy of TFATF3 and a peruse of their other works.

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