Daddy knows best…


To the little guy shopping with his parents in the store where I work today: Please don’t listen to the gender-stereotypical rubbish your parents were spouting at you. You are allowed to like whatever the hell you want to. Don’t let this ridiculous society mould you into yet another example of what a boy ‘should be’. You are an individual, a fresh wealth of inspiration, imagination, ideas and the power to change the world! Don’t ever let yourself be restricted by ideals, be yourself, absorb experiences and be amazing.

I’m off to Leeds!


It’s the weekend of the annual Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival in Leeds! I only found out about it last year but couldn’t make it so I’m mega-excited to be visiting it this year. I’ve never been to Leeds either so this should be interesting! I’ve remembered a map at least… In the meantime, I depart here for a few days with a wingfish…

INKtober – It’s all over ’til 2016

A look back on this year’s INKtober illustrations… What am I going to do with all of this extra time?!