INKtober Challenge: – Day 25 – ‘The Hunt’


I’m not sure if foxhunting occurs in countries outside of the UK, but I severely hope not. Foxhunting is a traditional blood sport (for the ‘elite’ in society) that has somehow not yet been eradicated and my hometown is the hub for it. It sees horsemen and their packs of foxhounds scouring the countryside for foxes before chasing them down and butchering them. For fun. Hunting with dogs was banned a few years ago but the current government is driving for it to be brought back despite the majority of the population being against it. It’s unfathomable. If it was the riders being chased across fields by a pack of bloodthirsty hounds then they might reconsider it.


2 thoughts on “INKtober Challenge: – Day 25 – ‘The Hunt’

  1. It is a strange hunt as it is only for blood and never to eat. Hunting is big in Spain and particularly for the wild boar. But as in medieval days the wild boar meat is eaten and it keeps numbers down as most of the wolves have been hunted into near extinction. Let’s hope blood sports and bull fighting finally do die out.

    • Definitely, killing animals should never ever be a sport. I can’t understand how people can see it as entertaining. The UK’s not got much hunting in general, mostly rabbits, pheasants and deer. All of their numbers need controlling but they get used as food too which is how it should be in my opinion.

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