INKtober Challenge: – Day 27 – ‘The Passing of Mononoke’


Will the forest survive once her protector is gone? This really wasn’t meant to be a sad picture. I’d originally had the idea that Princess Mononoke had discarded her mask as she was no longer needed to protect the forest but once I’d filled in the Kodama’s faces, they looked more sad than happy. I suppose San is mortal after all.

INKtober Challenge: – Day 25 – ‘The Hunt’


I’m not sure if foxhunting occurs in countries outside of the UK, but I severely hope not. Foxhunting is a traditional blood sport (for the ‘elite’ in society) that has somehow not yet been eradicated and my hometown is the hub for it. It sees horsemen and their packs of foxhounds scouring the countryside for foxes before chasing them down and butchering them. For fun. Hunting with dogs was banned a few years ago but the current government is driving for it to be brought back despite the majority of the population being against it. It’s unfathomable. If it was the riders being chased across fields by a pack of bloodthirsty hounds then they might reconsider it.

INKtober Challenge: – Day 24 – ‘Pesky Weather’


This is Amaterasu, a wolf God in the PS2 game ‘Okami’ and if you haven’t played it then you really REALLY need to. The environments have all been created to resemble the style of old Japanese ink paintings and the depth of colours and canvas-like textures make it a visually fantastic game to explore. And you get to play as a wolf God… who can control the elements… why wouldn’t you play it?

INKtober Challenge: – Day 23 – ‘The Visitor’


When you’re long forgotten by your human relatives, will anyone visit your grave? Had this sombre thought while passing a beautiful graveyard on the bus today. Centuries-old gravestones were standing higgledy-piggledy and I got to wondering… does anyone visit anymore? Do their family’s descendants know that they’re even there or who they are? The thought of an engraved stone marking the resting place of a person that no one knows, remembers or visits suddenly seemed very depressing. Have a happy Friday!

At least the little guy in the picture made a mortal friend.