Bring on the rugby!

rugby world cup 2015

Not been updating as often as I ought to (bad blogger!) but after several weeks of up to 12 hour paint sessions, the second board for The Noel’s Arms Freehouse is complete! The rugby world cup is about 3 weeks away now so hopefully the board will bring in some more punters, especially when it’s hanging out front with the its twin board promoting the freehouse’s real ale. Painting the boards has been a great experience and I really can’t thank the landlord and landlady enough for giving me the opportunity to have my work on display on the front of their building. It feels really surreal.

Now having said that, I’m not picking up a paintbrush for a month or two!

noels arms board1

Lindemann’s Hard Copy

lindemann fish on

Finally got my hard copy (euphemism intended) of Lindemann’s ‘Skills in Pills’ album. My illustrated interpretation of ‘Fish On’ was stupidly fun to draw and I’m now mulling over ideas for ‘Cowboy’. As much as I’d like to have a bash at an illustration per song (as someone has actually suggested to me), some lyrics should not be touched with a bargepole (euphemism definitely not intended)!

Fish On:

fish on lindemann

Godzilla: Attack on Sodor


First proper cross-over I’ve done in a VERY long time. I bring you ‘Godzilla – Attack on Sodor’, created as a Birthday present for a friend who loves both Godzilla and Thomas the Tank Engine. Odd mix yes, but the resulting picture was stupidly fun to draw and the best thing is he loved it.

Created using fineliners 0.8, 0.3 and 0.1.

The line ‘Oh, the indignity’ comes from the new CGI version of Thomas and Friends and is a weird sort of catchphrase that the creators have given to Gordon.

Thanks for looking!