Wax Lyrical – pub board design

wax lyrical

My, my, haven’t I got lazy with uploads?! Seriously though, I promise I’m not doing nothing. I’m working on a commission for a book at present so a lot of my energy is going on that, which I can’t put up on here at the moment. I have, however, been asked back to do an in-house board at the Noel’s Arms Freehouse. The event it’s advertising is a ‘Wax Lyrical’ where the landlord and landlady welcome acts to share thoughts, poetry, songs and so on by candlelight (see what they did there?). So my brief is to create a permanent surround for the board so they can write upcoming events underneath. This is the design I have come up with for a starting point, with my usual nigh-on-illegible typography at the top! Now to wait and see what they think!