I haven’t sketched much in the past few days, I’ve been gripped in the lethargy of a bad cold. But last night I had the urge to draw SOMETHING, literally ANYTHING… and this appeared. I don’t know what it is, just the result of the mind left to its own devices for half an hour. Whatever it is, a page of my sketchbook now looks like it has a disease.

The Scientist – lighting experiment


This character was designed for a university project I based around genetic engineering. I originally wanted to try my hand at a short graphic novel for the project but that fell through in favour of an educational book based on the same subject. I am determined to try out the graphic novel idea at some point though. I never gave the scientist a name but his character and back story were actually pretty defined. I won’t go into too many details but the storyline looked at the conflicts of science and religion and the break down of morals in a not-too-distant future. Pretty heavy stuff, mostly the reason I didn’t have time to do it for my uni project!

The outline for this image was drawn straight onto paper with a fineliner (which is why some bits may be out of proportion!) and then coloured in Photoshop. And for once, I have shown my working:

No you can’t…


I really hate zombies but the character I was drawing seemed to morph into one so I drew the kid in to tame it a bit, mostly to stop me from freaking myself out! He doesn’t seem to be a particularly harmful zombie though, especially as he seems to have let the kid patch his arms up with plasters. But no, you still can’t keep him…

Last creation for today I think, I need to get on with something useful.

The Gamer – Colour experiment


I really don’t use colour enough and I wish I had the patience to play around with it a bit more. So this exercise is sort of me dipping my toe in the water. Colouring with the polygonal lasso tool really is tedious but I think it gives a rough grungy effect that matches the pre-drawn illustration pretty well. Plus I don’t have a tablet so I haven’t got many options for being creative in Photoshop! This exercise was mainly intended as an experiment using harsh light. I’ve gotten into Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ recently and the contrast and lighting techniques created by his use of black and white is amazing, so I thought i’d have a practice.

Scrapping the pencil safety net

I’ve recently started reading the ‘Sin City’ series by Frank Miller and also the manga series ‘Gangsta’ by Kohske. The artwork in both is fantastic and has given me a kick up the backside to start experimenting with sketching people again. I’m finding that sketching out in pencil first makes me more restrictive when it comes to adding ink so these examples were all created by drawing straight onto paper with a fineliner. They’re a bit scratchy and out-of-proportion but I also find that I never know what character I’m going to end up with and that is actually a lot of fun.