INKtober31. – Day 11 – Mr. Shrike, ‘Mortal Engines’


Sorry this one’s a bit late, couldn’t get on the computer yesterday. Mr. Shrike’s making another appearance, it’s been a while! Mr. Shrike is a character from the children’s book ‘Mortal Engines’ by Philip Reeve. He’s a Stalker, which means he has Terminator-like tendencies to lock on to certain individuals and not stop until he’s ripped them apart. Lovely. I first started drawing his character three years ago for a character development project at university and he hasn’t changed much since…

Below image: created in 2011 for a character design project. Biro, white pen and coloured pencil.

Mr. Shrike

As the series continues, the reader does actually start to bond with his character to the point where he became my favourite all-time fictional character and I also cried quite a few times at his various unfortunate events. I obviously have a soft spot for fictional killer-beasties… I cried at the end of ‘Predator’ too….


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