INKtober31. – Day 7 – The Minotaur


I wanted to stretch to experimenting with scenery today but unfortunately it only got as far as brickwork. The Minotaur has been my favourite mythological creature for a few years now, partly down to cows being one of my favourite animals! But also, who can learn about the legend of the Minotaur and not feel at least a bit of sympathy for him? I know he was meant to be a man-eating dangerous beast but considering his start in life and his continuous neglect (ie. being locked in an underground labyrinth for years on end only to be slain by Theseus), who can blame him if he’s a bit cranky? Poor little guy, he can come and live with me.

Furthermore, by drawing the Minotaur, I am able to practice depicting the human form without the worry of having to create an equally-convincing face, something which I struggle with!



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