INKtober31. – Day 6 – ‘Plenty more fish in the sea’



This illustration was actually based off of a previous illustration for a university project entitled ‘proverbs’. I chose the proverb ‘Plenty more fish in the sea’, not that it spoke to me in any deep and emotionally meaningful way, more that I just like the sea and like drawing fish. I didn’t get a brilliant mark for that project as the tutor declared that my approach was ‘far too obvious’ but I had fun drawing it, which in the end is my aim.

The above image is today’s entry for INKtober31. and was created using fineliners. The image below is my university drawing which was drawn in biro (one of the many pen-based media that my tutor hated)! I’m hoping one day to do a pyrography version (wood-burning) but it might be a while before that happens!

Plenty more fish in the sea


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