INKtober31. – Day 5 – ‘Spiral’


Another fineliner creation for the INKtober31. challenge on Facebook. Thus far I haven’t stuck to the optional themes given but today’s theme was ‘spiral’ and I really can’t resist an excuse to whip Fibonacci out. That sounded a lot more like a euphemism than I meant it to.  I was originally going to draw ammonites surrounding the spiral but then realised that their shells didn’t actually follow the Golden Ratio. So the ammonites have been saved until another day and the nautilus’ (nautiluses? nautili?) have taken their place for today.

2 thoughts on “INKtober31. – Day 5 – ‘Spiral’

    • Thank you so much :). Hahaha, I see what you mean, I’ve only seen a nautilus once (behind glass unfortunately) but it looked like it was trying to hypnotise me then! Thank you for your kind comment 😀

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