Sea slug colour wheel – INKtober 31. – Day 3


It’s the 3rd day of the INKtober 31. challenge and yes I have got off of the tentacle theme, if only just. I wanted to do a colourful one today so a colour-wheel of nudibranchs it is. Sea slugs are my favourite animals overall as they have such a wide range of colours and appearances and also have some amazing abilities. For example, some anemone-eating sea slugs incorporate the victim’s stinging cells into their own bodies, where they sit below the skin as a useful defence mechanism against a predator’s bite. Others that eat kelps and seaweeds keep the chloroplasts inside their bodies where they continue to photosynthesise, feeding the slug energy from the inside. They really are fabulous and intriguing creatures.

If you were wondering, yes the sea slugs in the illustration are all representations of actual nudibranchs:

Red – Gymnodoris aurita
Orange – Doto rosacea
Yellow – Glossodoris rubroannulata
Green – Placida dentritica
Blue – Glaucus atlanticus
Indigo – Tambja mullerini
Violet – Flabellina affinis
Black – Cyerce nigra – not in the colour wheel but essential nonetheless!

I have a feeling that sea slugs may make many repeat visits to the INKtober challenge.


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