22nd September: It’s World Rhino Day!!!


Since 2010 my favourite animal has been given it’s own celebrated day, World Rhino Day! I love rhinos and hate how such magnificent animals can be poached for their horns. In late 2013, the Western Black Rhino, not seen since 2006, was declared officially extinct and it is warned that the Northern White Rhino and Javan rhino are on the brink of extinction.

I really don’t want these amazing animals to go extinct or for them to be forgotten entirely so I’m really happy there are brilliant organisations out there dedicated to helping them. I’ll be making a donation later to do my small part and I wish everyone a Happy World Rhino Day!

Above illustration was created using fineliner on old newsprint paper that had been used in the monoprinting process (leaving an ink residue). Rhino illustration based on a photo of a rough-skinned black rhino, taken by Toni Angermayer, included in The International Wildlife Encyclopedia (Vol 14). I would draw a rhino from memory but they have weird-shaped heads, so I needed a bit of reference on this one!


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