Bookshop window, Season 2: – Autumn

Autumn’s almost upon us in the UK so my task this week was to re-illustrate the Melton Bookshop’s window with an autumnal theme and what better to represent the season than a fabulously majestic stag? Especially when I can turn his antlers into tree branches to carry the leaves! Because that idea’s never been used before… coughcough.  Even the Pokemon franchise has used that one, (Sawsbuck). Never mind, it creates a good effect anyway. The quote for this month was a couple of lines from William Allingham’s ‘Autumnal Sonnet’:

Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt…’

The brief I was given for the window was ‘You can draw anything as long as it isn’t morbid’ so I think that quote fitted quite well. Now I’ll have to start having a good think about the winter window…

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