Bookshop window: Autumn illustration

window plan

Back in July, I created a summer design for my local bookshop’s window with a nautical theme (see here). Now that the UK is into Autumn, or it was apart from we’re experiencing a sudden resurgence of summer at the moment, I have been asked to do a new window illustration with an autumnal theme. My brief? ‘Anything autumny, as long as it’s not morbid’ – owner of the Melton Bookshop. Well that’s taken some of the fun out…

The sketch above is very rough, I could never be a professional window-dressing planner, but mainly shows an idea where a stag will take up a good portion of the window. His antlers will act as branches, carrying leaves that will fall and float across all windows along the front of the shop,gathering in the bottom corners.

As for an autumnal quote, I’m currently caught between the suggested ‘No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace/ As I have seen in one autumnal face‘ (The Autumnal by John Donne) of my favourite ‘Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt…‘ (Autumnal Sonnet by William Allingham). Think I’ll go with that one. Should have the window done by Friday so I’ll be putting up photos then!



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