Typography experiment: – Let’s get Kraken


Another almost-completely-illegible typography experiment! I think i’m going to have to reign in when adding detail, but it’s been a while since I’ve drawn tentacles so I’ve let myself go a little over the top. No deep thinking behind this one, I just heard a work colleague say ‘let’s get cracking’ and heard it as ‘kraken’, which is weird only in the way that our work doesn’t normally conjure up that much enthusiasm in the first place… certainly not enough to warrant a ‘let’s get cracking’. My mishearing words and replacing them with fantastical monsters on the other hand is actually quite commonplace.

Anyway, as I have the next three days at work, I decided today would be ‘Flop-about Friday’. So I grabbed a scrap of green card (the horrible cheap textured stuff that cardboard folders are made out of), my trusty fineliners and a white pen and drew up this monstrosity. So all in all, it’s been a fantastic day.


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