Enjoy university my friend!


It feels weird this year not getting ready for a new term at uni. For the last 4 years I’ve been worried about what horrendous timetable I’ll get, whether I’ll know where my studio is, getting finances sorted. I’m really happy tat I graduated with great grades but I’m a bit sad as well, but never mind. Now it’s my friend’s turn to head off to uni to study art so I’ll be wishing her a fond farewell tonight down the pub! The illustration above was one I created in 2008 and was my friends favourite picture… apart from she didn’t like the crocodile’s intentions. So I’ve drawn her out a farewell card with a bit of a nicer scene on it with the duckies she’s been begging me to draw for ages. Bye Dom, have a great time at university!

Both of these illustrations were created using watercolours, coloured pencil and biro (ballpoint) pen.



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