Typography Experiment: ‘Laichzeit’ – (spawning time) – Rammstein


Err… not sure what to say about this one other than it’s a bit less innocent than my usual imagery. As I usually avoid typography with a barge pole, recently I have actually been trying to experiment more and this idea has been bouncing around my brain for a while. The word ‘Laichzeit’ is German for ‘spawning time’, and is (not) coincidentally one of my favourite songs by German metal band Rammstein! In the song, the ‘Fisch’ (fish) is a metaphor for…er…something else, so I’ve tried to mirror the suggestiveness of the lyrics in the imagery.

This typography experiment was created using fineliners, white gel pen and coloured pencil (on the eggs only). I apologise for the shadowy area at the bottom, my sketchbook is too big to fit in the scanner!

The typography itself was actually inspired by an artwork by the late H.R.Giger, used on the cover of ‘Giger’s Necronomicon‘, 1976. If you haven’t heard of him but want to find out more, be aware that saying his work in ‘suggestive’ is a gross understatement.



5 thoughts on “Typography Experiment: ‘Laichzeit’ – (spawning time) – Rammstein

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