Forever hopeful…


Illustration for week 36 of the 52-week illustration challenge. Theme: House

I’m at a point at the moment where the educational chapter of my life, for the time being, seems to be over. The same can be said for my boyfriend who’s degree has netted him a good job in web design. So now the item that is very much on the agenda is the idea of moving out and finding a place together, a task in which I will be utterly useless as I have no idea about rent or mortgages and my current shop job would hardly cover the weekly food bill. But there you go, ‘cross that bridge when we come to it’ and all that.

So I suppose it was quite coincidental that this week’s theme in the 52-week illustration challenge is ‘House’. Went a bit off topic, my love of all things marine crept in there but I think it’s still relevant! I might be quite hopeful with what we can achieve with our measly budget for moving out but then again why shouldn’t a little hermit crab residing in a dog whelk shell not dream of one day residing in the majestic shell of a conch?

We’ll all get there eventually.


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