‘Paranoia .. … .. -. -… .-.. — — — (is in bloom)’, typography experiment



I’m not cut out for scrap-booking, no pun intended. A few weeks ago I bought all the stuff I needed to start making a scrapbook of nice things and memories… Then this thing decided to manifest itself and take up residence on the first page. So it is now going to be my book of inspirational, illustrated quotes and lyrics instead.

This typographical-illustration experiment was inspired by the lyrics in the song Uprising by Muse, especially by the first line ‘Paranoia is in bloom’, hence the text in the image and the suspicious eyes surrounded by petals. Despite the eyes being able to see the insect-like satellites hovering around, they remain unaware of the transmitter disguised in their midst. Yep, that’s my attempt at symbolism!

And yes, the dots and dashes under ‘paranoia’ is indeed morse code, a ‘language’ that is on my list of things to learn. I’m sure it’d come in useful at some point, maybe only when I’m watching University Challenge on the BBC but never mind.

This illustration was created using fineliners and white pen on brown (scrapbook) paper. Really, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t even like scrap-booking.



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