Lagers, tigers and bears… Sign 1 is complete!


Fantastic day today, spent the majority of it in the pub… The Noel’s Arms Freehouse in Melton Mowbray have commissioned me to design and create two seasonal signs to go front-of-house, one to promote real ale and one to fit in the the upcoming rugby season. I’ve been working on the designs for a week or so but today I spent six hours making the first one come to life by using chalk pens on a black wooden board. (Confused about the tiger? The local national team are the Leicester Tigers, so the link is literally as simple as that… and I like drawing tigers).


To tie the Rugby board in to the real ale theme I had been given, I used a limited colour scheme of yellow and orange, with red for the ERFU rose and also drew the tail so that it resembles a barley stalk. I’m really happy with how the sign turned out and I can tell the owners are pleased too as they’ve put it up already!


Hopefully this time tomorrow I’ll be uploading the finished imagery of the second sign. Fingers crossed!

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