Botanatomical snap dragons 2: A flower-fairy graveyard?

Snapdragon seed pods

This is a follow up to my snapdragon illustrations the other day. A couple of days ago I found an article saying that the seed pods of snap dragons look like miniature skulls and since a few plants in my garden have gone to seed I thought I’d better see if it was true. And it is!

When seen the right way up, the stem of the snapdragon just appears to be covered in dried seed pods but if you pluck a pod off and turn it upside down, the shape of the seed pod and openings form an uncanny replica of an elongated skull.

Flower fairy skull?

It seems very appropriate that a plant with such a fearsome name as ‘snap dragon’ should have seed pods that look so morbid… they’re probably the skulls of flower fairies that the plant has unsuspectingly  gobbled up during the day!


2 thoughts on “Botanatomical snap dragons 2: A flower-fairy graveyard?

  1. I was googling trying to ID the caterpillars that have infested my snapdragons, when your seedpod sketches showed up instead. They’re lovely!

    • Really!? Of all places for one of my pictures to turn up! Will have to search for that. I hate caterpillars though! Didn’t know snapdragons were prone to them, I hope you find out what they are. That’d be interesting 🙂

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