It gets earlier every year…

Grinch sketches

That’s right… Christmas is coming and this year I am going to ask Santa for an A3 scanner, (you can see why). Yes, it seems that I’m going to have to start thinking about Christmas a bit earlier this year. Following my work for the Melton Bookshop where I decorated their windows with colourful sea creatures (see here), they have now recruited me to help out on their planned Christmas display.

The local church holds a Christmas tree festival each year where businesses big and small from around the borough enter their own uniquely decorated Christmas trees to raise money for the church’s upkeep (and get a bit of advertising for themselves as well). Only, the Melton Bookshop hasn’t just got a tree, it’s got the church’s biggest window to decorate! And what handsome chap is going to be the focus of this window? It’s Dr. Seuss’ Grinch of course!

Grinch design

My job will be to create a 6ft illustration of the Grinch himself on MDF board, and the rest of the scene will be built up around him. The Grinch will be painted to mimic the illustration style in the book so I am limited to the colours red, white and black. I was worried that this might separate him from the otherwise realistic scene so I have planned to have the actual Christmas tree threaded under his arm, meaning that the illustration will have to be built up over a number of layers. (I don’t make things easy for myself).

Grinch model

Well, I’ve had a go at a small scale with mountboard today and it seems to have somewhat worked. He’s a bit wobbly but the real version will be attached to the bars of the church window for extra support so hopefully it’ll work out. Will be going down to pencil out the design on the wood ready to cut next week so fingers-crossed.


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